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Meowy Christmas - Organic Catnip Yoga Mats


At Very Vintage, We ♥ Cats! We offer the highest quality hand-crafted catnip mats because we believe that cats deserve the best!


**second image is my cat, Pushkin, enjoying his cat mat :) **


I love our organic catnip mats!

First off, these kitty mats are huge! They are approximately a whopping 18" x 21"! Plenty of room for your kitty to stretch out in and could even fit two kitties!

These Kitty Yoga Mats are also padded with over 8 oz. width of High Loft Batting. Making this the perfectly comfortable bed for your kitty!

These Kitty Yoga Mats are infused with over 4 oz. of our ULTRA POTENT 100% organic catnip mulch (only buds and leaves) which is also infused with 100% organic catnip oil. We also tailor each mat in thirds, to provide a perfect distribution of catnip! No more catnip falling and clumping in the ends!


About our Kitty Yoga Mat Catnip:

♥ 100% certified organic catnip buds and leaves only.

♥ Locally grown in Camarillo, CA with NO pesticides or herbicides.

♥ Our catnip is the the most potent catnip available. Our 100% organic catnip buds and leaves are mixed in a pure organic catnip oil. Extra potent for your furry friends! :)


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