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Plaid patterns are all the rage in the fashion world, so weโ€™re bringing the sophisticated trend to Very Vintage!

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Hi!!! My name is Sam!

Very Vintage Designs is the brain child of a little girl that never wants to grow up in the big bad world! I love anything vintage and whimsical and all my pet items are inspired by this love! I fervently love animals and have always wanted to do something with animals! I have three dogs myself (and now a cat!) so I was always scouring places to find them unique collars. Having found nothing, I developed my own line of Very Vintageโ„ข organic cotton pet collars all the way back in 2007.

We are the original organic cotton pet collar and we made our products to not only be stylish and strong but also sustainable and eco-friendly!

While it was originally just me, our team has grown to 3 supporting staff and 6 seamstresses! I am super proud of our all female team!