About Very Vintage Designs

You know the old saying, “If you love something you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”?

Well, that was my parents’ philosophy growing up. It was something that they strongly believed in and was something that I took to heart. I do what I love and love what I do!

Very Vintage Designs is the brain child of a little girl that never wants to grow up in the big bad world! I love anything vintage and whimsical and all my pet items are inspired by this love! I love animals and have always wanted to do something with animals! I have three dogs myself so I was always scouring places to find them unique collars. Having found nothing, I’ve developed my own line of Very Vintage™ organic cotton dog collars.

Now, why organic cotton? This is the world’s most durable natural fiber. These collars are strong and are great for the environment. I love being able to use Green and Organic materials to incorporate into my creations and better serve the environment in the process! These pet collars are truly different than anything you will see around in stores or online. Underneath these adorable fabrics is our trademark organic cotton webbing. They are then adorned with antique brass hardware, which I think is the perfect complement to our vintage and retro style fabrics. We also pay the utmost attention to detail in the sewing process, so you are guaranteed to get a professional, quality and also environmentally friendly collar for your furry friend!
As a child, I always knew I wanted to do something with animals and I always had a special bond with them. I was never without an animal in tow (or a stuffed animal if I couldn’t bring a real animal). In school, whenever we had to write about our plans for the future, I always included something with animals and to have a sanctuary for dogs in the future. (Yes, this is still one of my dreams!)

I got a job early in high school working for a major Arts and Crafts company, my creativity grew from there. I took a ton of classes in everything that we offered so I could express myself in one way or another (I am known to be a bit of an introvert). It also provided me with some solid retail business skills and knowledge early on. I also took many classes in Interior Design and fabrics. It didn’t seem like much at the time but I loved it and it really has helped me cement who I am and the direction I wanted the (future) business to go in. I LOVE FABRIC. I do. My grandfather, whom I never met, was a textile manufacturer, so maybe it’s in my blood, but I love it so much! I think my passion for fabrics comes through on my collars. I’m seriously crazy for the stuff!