Peanut Butter Lover - Doodie Cuties - Waste Poop Bag Holder


Keep your dog waste bags conveniently close and secure with the Peanut Butter Lover Doodie Cuties! Made from durable silicone, this peanut butter jar-shaped poop bag holder is perfect for on-the-go walks. Stash several used dog waste bags through the star and easily attach to your leash for a hands-free carrying solution.

Our new doodie cuties make carrying used poop waste bags totally hands free and is stylish to boot!

This particular doodie cutie is in our peanut butter lover pattern - which measures about 2” at the widest point by about 2.5” long. Comes with a black metal carabiner to easily attach to any leash! 



  • Each heavy duty silicone cutie is strong and durable. Easily push knotted used poop bag through the hole for a totally hands free experience.
  • Made with eco-friendly and earth friendly silicone!
  • No more excuses - easily holds poop from beaches, trails, hikes, parks and other pet friendly excursions.
  • Accidents happen - easily washes and rinses off with water.
  • Lovingly Designed just for us in our studio in Sunny California!


1. Securely knot used poop bag

2. Insert knot through cut out

3. Clip securely onto any leash and go for a totally hands-free and eco-conscious solution to poop drama

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